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security of for a contract known to as nsa west to do real-time surveillance of residence in the city of oakland. as you know, it was involved in the occupied movement and we had 10 percent as the 47th largest city in the country but 10 percent of the occupied arab press were here. in the context of the work against the main awareness center what type of citizen or resident organizing are you aware of with the development of the anti-crime and explicit use of these technologies? >> what did under -- whenever you are undertaking locally i am not aware of that much organizing i am interested. scic i doubt it gets a lot of money and a lot of grants to makes of the threat assessment to justify that funding. individuals involved so we had to fabricate it i have a few examples. they are ludicrous. i will try to find out what is happening more. thank you. >> three quick questions i will go fast i read about unity with other countries with fiber-optic saw that it is a pipe dream is it even possible? that was a defeat the intelligence gathering of the nsa. bisected question would be how do yo
there is a dangerous addiction to the remote warfare. lot nsa has been doing a avoiding putting troops on the ground and it always reminds me but war is so dangerous often it is perceived from cold hearted this and i think the worst american is to minimize the danger in damage that conflict does and one of those is the reliance on remote forms of technology to compensate our willingness to put troops on the ground. one of the only things that stops human beings from fighting is they have had a tough if you outsource to robots to create a precedent we can tell anybody anytime across the planet provided it meets us it could bounce back at some point. >> host: i see that. it a related question is clap conflicts in the past are relevant to the world you forsythe and what countries our best placed because of their experiences that they intend to it will translate to what comes next. with iraq or afghanistan it is hard to realize how good people have got and what they are doing. it is only in the realms of special forces. the capability not only of the ad agencies and a state department is unparalleled in
nonfiction books and authors. booktv every weekend on c-span2. >> this is a tough time for nsa where everybody says what are you doing or why are you doing it. here's what we do. when we get together we don't -- to be a couple times we whine, but we actually say, it is much more important for this country that we defended this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today telling you why we defended these programs than having given them up and have our nation or our allies be attacked and people killed. >> this weekend, intelligence officials defended the nsa surveillance program. this morning at 10 eastern. live sunday on c-span2 your calls and comments for kitty kelley, best selling author of unauthorized biographies. on c-span trees and american history to become each weekend in november remembering john f. kennedy. sundays at 3 p.m. eastern. >> and now from the 18th annual texas book festival in austin, texas, a discussion with author mark binelli. his book "detroit city
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3